How can space be experienced directly as stage – and stage as space? How does it become created in a performative way? And how can all that be percieved visually?


Based on an international open call, schaurauschen started to seek after performances and photographies which display themself as what they actually are – formally free, contentually focused and staged as an expansive experience.


A wide range of answers and ideas was found: From Puerto Rico across New York to Transylvania schaurauschen was reached by an outstanding variety of positions. After a precise selection there was arranged a programm that does not only deal with space but creates it.


Thanks to all artists whose interest eventually made the whole topic lively!


Performancenight and Opening on July 8th
Photo-Exhibition until August 8th in Betahaus Berlin

In 2008, schaurauschen started with BilderÜberBilder – a screening of movies and videos in Ballhaus Ost. From moving images we will now, in summer 2011, directly proceed to three-dimensionality: In Betahaus Berlin, StageTheSpace dedicates itself to the experience of space as stage – and stage as space.


The traditional antithetic relation of fiction and reality as well as of performer and public will not be displayed on stage but investigated and challenged as a space oriented and expansive stage experience.


How can space, which becomes real just through its agents, be understood and created as stage? How is the relationship of audience and performer if we ourselves are already both?

StageTheSpace is looking for answers which try to make the jump from daily experience to the stage of art – or vice versa – in a performative or visual way.

Performances, performative installations and inverventions during the opening night will be the first part of the event. No matter if sound installation or cookery course, show of superlatives or silent surealism, space will be transferred to stage with and via ourselves and will be experienced anew everytime.


In the following exhibition photographs will be presented which broach the issue of themselves – not just as a frame of reality but as a spatial staging of a two-dimensional excerpt which is shifting between document and fiction.


A party with DJs, drinks and dancefloor will be the last party of the opening night – performances relating to or interfering with that are very welcome!

We navigate ourselves through urban space via GPS, via menu navigation across the desktop and with no-frills airlines over the ocean; we are avatar, profile and biomass at the same time – in times of multimedial real-time-communication space cannot be seen as a geometrical measure. In fact, a hybrid spectrum of possibilites to enter, leave or in the first place create space is growing. Who we are and what spaces we enter depends on an increasing degree to how, and as who, we are doing so.


Thus stages become metaphoric brackets between self and space: we create ourselves, look at ourselves doing it and integrate ourselves in this way to the rules of a space which is only existing due to ourselves.


The reality-fiction relationship is growing into an ambivalent position as is the performer-public one: Space becomes a flexible framework which keeps on adapting, changing and at the same time conforming to specific rules.

So do we live in a really fictional reality or in a stunning realistic fiction? Or are our opposite associations of fiction and reality basically undercut, overlayed, shifted?


In the humanities performative turn and spatial turn became key concepts to represent knowledge. How are both of them fundamentally associated to each other though?


With StageTheSpace schaurauschen is aiming to create a space that becomes noticeable in and around us just as hybrid and polymorph as it already does on a theoretical layer. Artistic creation and ephemeral experience are thus standing on equal positions which are describing the core of the event. To performer and public, image and contemplator are attached special importance – and redefined in all its plurality.


StageTheSpace invites you to a show and spectacle, but above all it invites you to a space of permanent transition.